10 Things You Need To Know About Small Business Loans

It takes about five years of tough work to keep your small business idea growing. After five years, you probably will see many more years in business.

Small business loans is available to help get your company up and running, or the money can be used to expand your existing business. A small business loan is a major factor in your business’s success.

No lending institution is going to award you with small business loans unless you have a stupendous and award-winning business plan and idea to present to the leaders. These loans hinge on the nature of your company and are difficult for a small business owner to obtain.

Obtaining an SB loan is difficult through a large bank because your profits are much less than the profits from more major companies, so banks hesitate in giving small business money.

A small business loan is used as company start-up funds, to expand your successful enterprise. Know these few simple steps before applying for your loan.

1.   Know that different lending institutions outline varying criteria such as,

  • A sound business plan
  • You must be of good character
  • Have experience
  • Good personal and business references
  • Provide available collateral

Loan amounts for small businesses vary widely from $120,000 to several million dollars.

2.  While lending institutions do differ in what they ask you for; the following are generalizations of all lenders.

  • A sound business plan
  • Credit worthiness
  • Personal credit history
  • Projection of financial outcomes

3.  Be sure to offer transparency to your lender.

4.  If you have a sound plan, financial institutions are more willing to give you your needed funds.

5.  Loan amounts depend on various criteria such as,

  • The size of your company
  • How many employees you hire

6.   Firms such as the small business association in your city, Women’s Business Centers, Small Business Development Centers can help you navigate the loan process.

7.   Your lending institution is more likely to award you your loan amount when your have the backing of the SBA.

8.   When banking institutions turn you down for a small business loan, private entities offer business loans with very low rates of interest. You may find a limit on how much money you can borrow when you have less than perfect credit.

9.   Loans through the SBA offer lower interest rate compared to a large bank. However, these interest rates tend to fluctuate according to the economy.

10.  Small business loans offer multiple purposes through a wide variety of investment options. A small business loan can be a revolving loan, and the payoff terms for this loan type can be up to 25 years.


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